Those Aren’t Sprinkles!!!

118. Xamiol

The hot beverage industry is big business these days. Here at Mugspotters HQ we’re not in the habit of giving props to humungous tax-avoiding high street chains but for the right price a humble cup of coffee can be transformed into an all-sing-all-dancing taste extravaganza via the inclusion of syrups, creams, confectionery and sprinkles.
On the subject of sprinkles, they haven’t quite caught on in tea yet. In fact as the pic below illustrates, sprinkles in your tea may be the first sign of something more sinister such as poor personal hygiene, sloppy dairy product management (aka your milk’s gone off) or at worst, psoriasis of the scalp!

Those aren't sprinkles....arghhhhh

Those aren’t sprinkles….arghhhhh

Fear not however as help is at hand in the form of Xamiol, a treatment for that very ailment. Xamiol® is used as topical treatment of scalp psoriasis in adults. Psoriasis is caused by your skin cells being produced too quickly. This causes redness, scaling and thickness of your skin.
Luckily it’s makers commissioned this busy Cambridge as a promo item. It features 4 folically blessed models all merrily waving hats  & rejoicing in the fact they have crust-free bonces.  To further rub it in, this motif is repeated ad-finitum around its girth. The vessel itself also boasts a Sanguine interior although sadly the handle has a “hairline” (ahem) crack. So as not to flout stringent health & safety regulations in the workplace this model has been decommissioned from kitchenette use and now lives out its days as an exhibition piece.
Mugspotters would like to place on record our thanks to our newly opened Bolton branch and for plucking this artefact out of obscurity into life eternal on our humble blog.

Hats off to Xamiol!

Hats off to Xamiol!

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