Curiosity Killed The Meerkat

116. Compare the

Trade mugs by definition do as exactly what they say on the err..mug.  Logo, strapline & contact details. Nuff said. Message received. White, 2 Sugars please.
Imagine our inquisitiveness in Mugspotters HQ when this cryptic curio made its grand entrance. The mug itself is a rare outing for The Deco, so first off it has style. The innards contain symmetrical  ladybirds and the teasing couplet: WITH LADYBIRD TEA IN CLAW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLES adorning its enviable exterior girth.
It’s even signed off by what looks like AlekMercapton or something.

Ladybird, Ladybird

Ladybird, Ladybird

Meerkat 1Meerkat 2
More astute & square-eyed Spotters may has sussed ‘POSSIBLES‘ as a clue. The big reveal is on its undercarriage:
Compare The

Meerkat 5
(Mugaware: Please use Mugs responsibility. Do not try this when the mug contains any amount of beverage either hot or cold.)

Yes, it’s the scourge of high street insurance brokers everywhere, Compare the who have in recent years created a long-running and popular ad campaign featuring everyone favourites Meerkat characters. Whilst other price comparison sites have abandoned their fat opera singers and Village People-spoofing jingles, know that cute & cuddly sells and have stayed faithful to them, even offering Meerkat collectibles when you switch your insurance or credit card. (I’m not on commission honest..)
Actually if I was to sign up with them I’d stay “Stuff the stuffed toy. I demand one of your mugs!”
Simples.    Eek.

Awww..How Cute x

Awww..How Cute x

One thought on “Curiosity Killed The Meerkat

  1. […] in any other vehicle! QMH sell cheap insurance via price comparison websites such as our friends on Compare the Meerkat.  Because it’s an all on-line affair, you can even sign in with farcebook, features Twidder […]


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