Das Mug

113. Volkswagen / Smith Knight Fay


Spotted camper-ing out on a work station, we couldn’t “Passat” “Up” this opportunity to bring you this sensational Sparta for Volkswagen (translated as ‘The Peoples Car’), courtesy of Smith Knight Fay, Hyde Greater Manchester. You’d be hard pressed to find a more iconic and instantly recognisable logo anywhere on Planet Earth.
Founded in Germany, 1937 it began trading as a luxury car brand but once Hitler annexed the company (the same he did with a few countries) he ordered the churning out of cars for the people and the rest is, as they say, history.
Despite it’s murky origins, VW continues to be a world-famous brand and the Golf, Passat & Beetle are amongst the 10 most popular cars on the road today. I’m no VW aficionado but one of their most iconic vehicles is the VW Camper and especially the ‘Holy Grail’ Split-screen model. If you have never been in a Split-screen camper, for effect, here is the mug as seen from the front seat of that very vehicle.

VW split screen

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