A Guilty Pleasure

107. DWF Solicitors

Camera phones are wonderful things but I have to apologise for the quality of this Mugfie. It looks like a ‘Leaning Tower of Pizza’ (Hmm Pizza..) effect has been applied to the shot but I swear this is how it came out of the can with no tinkering.
This was a true guerrilla-style mugspot. It appeared on an office desk one day and the next day I swear it was gone! I was so glad we spotted it when we did!
On first glance I thought this lustrous black Sparta said OWF (by virtue of a jaunty ‘W’) but once common-sense kicked in, the scales fell from my eyes and “DWF” was revealed.
DWF are “.. The legal business where legal expertise, industry knowledge and leading-edge technologies converge, helping your business go further.”
Legal firms are never ones to refrain from blowing their own trumpet but their web-blurb brags:
June 2014 – Were independently ranked  in the top 5 law firms for graduates
April 2014 – Named the most active Legal advisor in the North West
March 2014 – Is the 1st UK Law firm to be ‘ClearAssured’
July 2014 –  Were independently ranked in the Top 3 Law firms for employee satisfaction.
July 2014 – A DWF Lawyer wins Young Enterprise Gold Award
You could lose yourself for hours in their website which has tons of photos of staff to pour over, boiler-plate cliches by the bucket-load and much ‘Buzzword Bingo’ to play along to. It’s a ‘Guilty’ Pleasure, M’Lord.

Lean on me

Lean on me

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