Enter The Dragon

100. Zip Firelighters

I’ve never known social media in such a frenzy. The Internet has been abuzz with speculation about just what would take the prized honour of being our 100th Mug post. Personally I would have held out longer and made you a wait a while more but I’ve learned of some leaks regarding the post so I can put an end to all such rumours right here, right now.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this glossy black Cambridge, courtesy of Zip Firelighters, is the ‘Grand Supreme’ of Trade Mugs.
The illustration, use of colour and wrap-around design showing the Zip-Dragon creature unfurled around it’s girth is truly peerless.




Getting Hotter….



You’re probably familiar with the well-established Zip brand but if you were to research them now, you’ll find the Dragon is extinct and has been replaced by a ‘heart’ logo. I tried to trace the lineage of the brand but with little success, meaning
this artefact must be approaching antique/collectable status.
The mug signs off with the strap ‘Breathe Life Into Your Fire.’  This mug has certainly breathed life into this blog post and deservedly takes the crown for our 100th post.
Come on baby light my fire.

Here’s to the next 100!!

Unzipped in all it's full glory

Unzipped in all it’s full glory

One thought on “Enter The Dragon

  1. […] its own fashion range. As far as mythical mugspots go, it’s not as intricate & exotic as Zips Dragon but it’s a very bold & striking piece of imagery […]


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