School’s Out

93.  George Tomlinson School: Bolton 1953 – 2010

And in 2010 it was indeed ‘School’s Out’ for good for the George Tomlinson School, formerly of Bolton.
It’s interesting that a one-colour Sparta should be commissioned to commemorate a schools passing. The motif itself is pretty sombre (and almost printed straight!) and as opposed to ‘Trade’ this one breezes onto Mugspotters by virtue of our more inclusive policy for commemorative trinkets, under the clause that no one without an affiliation to such an organisation would ever be interested in procuring such an item, that is unless you’re into collecting unloved and abandoned earthenware and placing them on the internet for immortality!
March 2007 saw the beginning of the end for G.T.S. when it was given a ‘Notice To Improve’ by H M’s Inspectors. After managing to steady the ship over the next year, 2008’s GCSE results saw only 30% of pupils achieving 5 or more GCSEs at Grade C or above, including English and Maths, which was well below the average for Bolton schools, which was 45% but in 2009 G.T.S.’s average plummeted to 21%. By now the writing was truly on the toilet walls and it finally closed its doors a year later.


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