30 R.P.M. (Revolutions Per Mug)

91. Piccadilly Records

Nowadays people under the age of 20 are unfamiliar with buying music in a physical format. It’s all MP3 or streaming but there are still independent music retailers who have weathered the technological storm and are still trading, Piccadilly Records is one of them.
Being a native Mancunian I spent a lot of cash  & time in the eighties & nineties in this shop and fondly remember when they were based at Piccadilly Plaza in town before it moved to Brown Street. I bought many discs covering Post-Punk, Factory, Indie-Pop, Goth, 4AD etc etc…At one time there was even a Piccadilly Box Office (a tiny booth in store) where you could buy concert tickets!
They are still going strong today, situated on Oldham Street, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, which is in my opinion the last remaining piece of the city centre retaining any sort of architectural character and identity.
If you were to visit the said Quarter on what’s known as ‘Record Store Day’, Piccadilly will be responsible for the hundreds of eager collectors & e-bay floggers queuing round the (Eastern) bloc waiting to get their hands on new & exclusive releases!

Unearthed in the Lake District this Sparta commemorates PR’s 30th Anniversary. Maths isn’t my strong suite but if they were founded in 1978, if you add 30 to that, then this mug dates back to 2008. I particularly like the use of a 45RPM single adaptor to replace the zero in “30”.

Anyway, here I am pop-pickers waxing lyrical over music and shopping habits of my youth but I’m aware this mug fires up the old ‘Novelty’ versus (Rough) ‘Trade’ debate but Spotters who’ve been with us since the early days recall my controversial ‘Spillers’ post of yore, so it seemed only appropriate to welcome Piccadilly Records to our annals.

If you want to know more, here’s a link to a great piece on the shop from Mixmag:



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