Ring Out The Old

82. Nationwide Building Society

Another Brew-room rescue-job for our annals.
We’ve seen some neglected specimens on this blog but this Cambridge is showing serious  signs of disrespect & disregard. Jettisoned to one side with various items of odd cutlery, a Bristol & London mug (That’s for another post!) and a TU cereal bowl, this was the veritable diamond in the dung heap. It was a emotional roller coaster seeing this new MugSpot but then when you take a peak at the horrors inside, there are more rings in there than Elizabeth Dukes!
It reminded me of a tree stump and trying to guess how old it was is by counting its rings.  Have a look and take a guess? Why not post a comment with your findings?
As for the Nationwide, they still lumber on on the high street lending money and stuff.  I have great disdain for all institutes financial and have no desire to give them any more free advertising on this blog.

Nationwide A

Nationwide B

Count the rings….I’d say this mug was about 9 years old!


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