Eye Eye Capt’n

80. Birds Eye Foods

It’s Christmas time again and to round off a “spartan” year on the trade-mug front, we here at Mugspotters’ are very proud to share this wonderful charity-shop salvage trinket with you for Birds Eye Foods. The design is draped around the Cambridge making it tricky to capture on a single elevation but not only does it feature a lovely blue-bird silhouette, but  right on cue, the winged one is actually sporting a Christmas Santa hat!
One can only imagine these were issued as Festive gifts to Birds Eye employees. They probably came packed with about half a dozen fish fingers to boot!
There’s no escaping the fact that Birds Eye are synonymous with Fish Fingers (Or Fish Fingres if you are Spanish) and the first thing that springs to mind when you mention this brand is Captain Birdseye, shown below sporting a white polo neck & a packet of 10.

All that remains for all of us at Mugspotters is to wish you a Happy Christmas & Peace on earthenware.

Birds 4

Birds 3

Birdseye 2

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