2013 A Mug Odyssey

65.  Spacebuilder

We have Lift off!

Space – The Final Frontier.
Builders – err, drive vans and drink unfeasibly strong tea.
Put them together and  err….. never mind.

Up until a few weeks ago we’d never seen a “Bell” but, just like buses, you don’t see any for ages and then 2 come along all at once.. Im surprised at just how well the Red-on-Black works.
The strap is fairly non-descript but a butchers at their website reveals what they’re all about. Prefabs. Or more succinctly put, Portable Modular Buildings.

I’m not sure if theyr’e literally into Inter-galactic installations, a la Moonbase Alpha but their website shows schools and building sites are more common locations for their Modular solutions.

Thinking about it, just how do you build space?


Spacebuilder 1

Spacebuilder logo

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