A Spanner In The Works

63. Scania Assistance

An opportunistic sighting here (the first since L12) but this time our avid spotters actively sought permission to get the shot and no doubt utterly perplexed its owner as to the reasons why they just needed to capture the mug for posterity. (That must have been some conversation!) It certainly is a curious specimin.
Without being mug-ist, what springs to mind when you think of Scania?  Trucks. Dirty big ones. Bodyshops. Mechanics. Roadside Recovery Crews. Even the mug itself features a spanner.
Yet they have chosen the Deco, one of the more  refined and dare I say it, “feminine” of mug designs with which to promote their services.  If I was a betting Spotter I’d have sunk my money on a Sparta all day long!
Nonetheless its a great addition to the blog and sincere thanks go to its owner and the intrepid Spotters for selflessly risking their reputations to get the all important photo.

Scania Mug

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