Tomorrows Problems Today

57. Trinity

Now that’s a bold claim and one which implies this industry is (allegedly) riddled with troubles and issues. Here’s me thinking Insurance was one rock-solid institution, just like the Banking Sector. All I could think of is (off the top of my head) exhorbitant premiums, mis-selling, cash-for-crash, referral fees, claims taking an eternity to settle…

Anyway, a web-search reveals nothing for Trinity in relation to insurance so we must assume they bit off more than they could chew and went under. Maybe the Insurance sector just don’t want their problems, albeit in the past, present or future, solving.
All that is left then is this underwhelming Cambridge. It has a low-rent Pantheon graphic occupying  the INI part of the name, for whatever reason I’ve no idea.
Thankfully we still have a record of their precious curio, now immortalised on our blog.

Trinity Final 1

Trinity Midsection

Trinity Final 2

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