Good To Know You, To Know You Good

56. Randstad


Everytime I hear Randstad, I can’t help thinking of Grandstand, which back in the Seventies & Eighties was the ‘Must-see’ Saturday afternoon sport programme: The iconic theme tune; Frank Bough; Rugby from Cardiff Arms Park; Eddie Waring; Final Score; The VidiPrinter; Keegan scoring ‘that’ header in the end credits….ahhh set adrift on memory bliss.

Snapping back to reality though Randstad are yet another recruitment giant joining our Hall Of Fame. In truth, it’s a lovely mug both in terms of design & print.  It’s a slim-line Deco (quite rare these days), tri-colour on white.  Refined, sleek and elegant. The logo is understated in powder blue a la Carpenters.

This was kindly donated by a colleague who was cleaning out her kitchen cupboards. “It’s alright, I had two” she said….(the embarrassment of riches)
And that’s the beauty of Trade Mugs. Many of you browsing this site will have them at home but you may not even know it.  Any donations & contributions are always gratefully accepted. Please get in touch by leaving a comment.


Randstad B

Randstad A

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