Harc The Herald Angels Sing

53. Harcros Building Supplies

Yes, I Know it’s Boxing day, but I have a spare few minutes and to be honest I need to slake the lust of all Spotters out there who are aching to see more Trade items after yesterdays foray into Mugsotica.
I liken Spotting to Shopping. We have nigh on 360 shopping days in a year and you’d think people would be sick of doing it and just want a  rest for the odd day or so but my Twitter account tells me otherwise. It seems you just can’t get enough of my mugs!
Never one to dissappoint, I therefore prescribe you this tri-colour Sparta for Harcros Timber & Building Supplies. It makes an excellent companion piece to our earlier HSS Hire entry.
There’s plenty of Fontage to feast on with san serif & swishes to please all tastes.
There sadly isn’t much web presence for Harcros, save for a load of local listings on your Thompson-sytle pages. Pity really.

Harcros Master

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