Life’s A Beach

46. Beaches Family Resorts

..And the Mugspotters Award for the Most Underwhelming Marrow for 2012 is….Beaches Family Resorts.
The Marrow is one of the larger earthenware vessels but I’m afraid this lame effort does this majestic Mug no justice at all. The print is a not-quite-pink, not-quite-purple hue and just floats in its upper portions. My first impressions were, “Why are Cancer Research charging £1 for this?” quickly followed by “That is one dull trade mug…but I have to have it..”  The livery looks old fashioned and suspect it’s quite a dated piece but the prescence of a web address means it’s can’t be too antiquated. Click on the following link to check out Beaches Luxury Family Resorts site.
It’s a shame a little luxury wasn’t lavished on their mug!

Life's a beach

Beaches 2

One thought on “Life’s A Beach

  1. […] from a design point of view for a long time it was Sensia but this was trumped recently by Beaches Family Resorts. (Oddly however this post has received a record 5 ‘blogger-likes’ from across the […]


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