Red Hot Chili

44.  Chili Body Worn ESM

This is truly an astounding spot.
When I first laid eyes in this I didn’t even know what Chili was but I just loved the design & print on this Cambridge. I’m loving the Red slab with the logo bleeding out and nice justified strap line. What was even more thrilling was to learn that Chili ESM is body worn Electronic Support Measure technology, specifically designed to assist warfighters with ‘threat warnings’ and ‘full spectral surveillance’!

This is pure Black Ops territory here. It’s not everyday you get a trade mug promoting such high-end wares. I only wish I could have something developed which could help me easily spot trade mugs in the office/charity shop/flea market.
But then again, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt….

Chili Body Worn ESM

Chili Warfighter

5 thoughts on “Red Hot Chili

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  2. […] find anything on the web which accurately matched this brand. It’s true we have dabbled in hi-tech surveillance before on this blog but have to assume this ‘Warrior’ is so deep undercover, it’s […]


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