If Mugs Had Ears

39. Midland Bank (aka The Listening Bank)

Spotters, it can’t have escaped you we’re now well into the Season of Goodwill and courtesy of a very generous benefactor we have a plethora of Trade earthenware hitting this site in the coming weeks so grab some mulled wine, slap on the NOW Christmas CD and peruse….

This vintage Atlantic is a mug of 2 halves:
The first hits you full-on with some pure early 90’s typography and graphic flourishes. The second features a much more restrained elevation, making nice use of white space with just the logo nestling at the foot of the vessel.
It even features the once-famous Midland Logo, proving there were Griffins in existence well before “Family Guy” was a twinkle in Seth MacFarlanes eye.
The Midland Bank were once a familiar institition on Britains highstreet but were annexed by HSBC in 1999 and so this mug would have been servicing banking yuppies back when the interest rate was 15%!

My only interest however is the mug itself.

Midland Bank

The Listening Bank

Midland  Griffin

2 thoughts on “If Mugs Had Ears

  1. Paul Johnson says:

    I still have one of these mugs issued to me in 1984 as humble bank cashier. Midland were the first bank to introduce free banking when in credit. Prior to 1984, most banks were insistent that you ahd to keep a credit balance of at least £100 to qualify for free banking.


  2. Mugspotters says:

    Hi Paul
    Thanks for your comments. It’s hard to believe how the banking and financial landscape has changed in the past 30 or so years. I hope the
    entry has brought back some good memories for you.


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