Axon, Waxoff

37. Axon Online

As we enter this Season of Goodwill we bring you the next thrilling installment of our new Aerospace Collection.
This Newbury variant (with slightly protruding rim) has a nice opaque veneer and whilst the print & logo are not the most inspiring, what I love about it is the one solitary droplet of beverage stain, magically stopped dead in it’s tracks just under the rim.
When we are given/donated mugs to shoot we invariably give them a bit of a valet, removing obvious exterior staining and even chive remnants from larger vessels but this mug was shot on location – ‘Keepin’ it real’ – and it brings a very honest quality to this hard-working mug, which doubtless delivers drink-upon-satisfying-drink to it’s owner.
As for Axon themselves their… “ mission is to work with customers to develop and create innovative and quality electrical systems that enhance their work environment today and in the future.
…and if we turn out an half-decent mug in the process, then that’s a bonus.

Axon Online  1
Behold the droplet, like a solitary tear down
its cheek…..

One thought on “Axon, Waxoff

  1. […] way back onto the site in the shape of this rather tastleful entry for L12 Driving Lessons. A la Axon, there is a solitary tea(r) stain on the top of the mug that thankfully has not dripped far enough […]


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