Cherry On Top

36. Cherry Textron

Mugspotters is very proud to bring you Part One of our brand new “Aerospace” collection.
You could not imagine my excitement as I opened an e-mail from a fellow Spotter this past weekend and caught sight of this photo as it peeled down the screen….
This is one mug-nificent Cambridge! We have only one elevation to present to you but it’s a stunner.
It just looks & feels American. A cool bold logo adorns a gradated blue background, with a wonderfully over-exaggerated Screw-Rivet pulling in from the side. It’s strap line says it all: SST: Superior Sheet Take Up (whatever that is…) It’s doesn’t matter. It’s an exceptional piece and right into the Mugspotters Hall Of Fame.
I am quite concerned however about the top part of the vessel as it looks to be displaying signs of “mug-patina”. The print has worn off the top outer rim, probably due to some heavy duty dishwashing and much supping, which is a shame but does signify that this is someone’s pride and joy and provided some heavy duty beverage service over the years.
There’ll be no doubt though as to who this mug belongs to.  They’ll be wondering through the office with a blue-tinged bottom-lip.
If you search Cherry Textron on the web, it’s reveals a fascinating story.
Buckle up and let me enlighten you….

The Cherry Rivet Company was founded in Los Angeles in 1940.
In 1952, the Cherry Rivet Company moved to Santa Ana, California.
The company was purchased by Townsend in 1951 and then by Textron in 1959.
In 1995, Textron Inc. also acquired Avdel, a UK-based fastener manufacturer.
The following year, the aerospace component of Avdel was combined with the existing Cherry Aerospace operations to form Textron Aerospace Fasteners. In 2003, Textron Aerospace Fasteners was consolidated with the other components of Textron’s fastener companies to form Textron
Fastening Systems, later known as Acument Global Technologies.

And all the Mugspotters said..


2 thoughts on “Cherry On Top

  1. Good to see these are still surviving, and its a pity we don’t offer these any longer.
    The Cherry Company was sold to PCC, and now we are a division SPS, the aerospace fastener division of PCC.
    If you need any kind of structural fastener for your aeroplane, it is highly likely the PCC/SPS can offer you a part. (
    Chris Houghton
    Cherry Aerospace
    SPS Fastener Division, a PCC Company.


  2. Mugspotters says:

    Hi Chris
    Many thanks for your comments. I agree it’s a real shame these mugs aren’t still in production. I would love to have seen the other side of it. The photo was passed to me by a third party so I’m not sure of it’s heritage but I’m just grateful I could document it on our humble blog.
    Thanks again.


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