Gettin’ Jiggy With It

35. Jigsaw Health


We are hounoured to present a third confirmed Charity Shop mug-spot in the shape of this elegant 2-Colour Lincoln.  The Old Rock in Bury is awash with such outlets and it was in the Cancer Research Shop where I rescued this gift-aided trinket for 30p.
It’s an odd little mug and the printwork seems decidedly lopsided which can only add to it’s quaint charm. (I’ve included its 2 two most interesting elevations below. The other side of the mug is as near as dammit blank!)
If you search for Jigsaw Health on the Interweb, there’s not much there except for a few contact entries on Directory page sites.
For you’re enlightenment they are based at Jigsaw House, Northwich, CW9 7DP. 01606 44436
More astute Spotters will recall a similar Jigsaw logo on our recent NES Recruitment entry, in fact there’s an additional shot below showing some mug-on-mug action comparing the 2 artefacts.
What I’d love to know is why do companies, who like producing trade mugs (which seem to end up in Charity shops), think it’s clever to use a jigsaw piece as part of their corporate identity?

It’s a puzzle to me.

I’m here all week. Try the mutton gravy.

Jigsaw Health

Jigsaw vs. N E S

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