Doin’ It For The CiDS

31. Creative Industries Development Scheme

MwgaidSpotters goes Welsh with this magnificent entry.
Commissioned to promote the Creative Industries Development Scheme who “offer skills-boosting bundles of mix and match modules to help your creative business fulfill its potential“. It’s based out of the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd.
As far as design & heritage goes, its ceramic cousin is called the ‘Take Away’ so we’ll class it as the same.
It’s a plastic mug with matching lid but adorned with a branded ‘cuff’, which is the really clever bit, as if the plastic mug ever broke or became unserviceable you could easily slip sleeve this onto another receptacle, so while you’re quaffing your skinny, mocha, choccy-chino you’ll still be down with the CiDS.
You can also follow CiDS on all the usual Social Media outlets and check out their web presence here.
Many thanks to my Welsh Spotters for the honour of being able to post this on our site.


One thought on “Doin’ It For The CiDS

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