Rude Health

30. Reed Health

Since Mugspotters began I’m always on the lookout for new product and you can imagine my joy as I was weaving my way through the office and I caught site of this beauty.
There it was, abandoned on the bottom shelf of a “D-End”. For those unfamiliar with the fascinating world of office furniture, it’s a simple storage unit, shaped like a letter D. In reality it’s a junk storage facility. Every now and again when there is a ‘Clear Desk Policy’ crackdown all the “comfort-flotsam” you surround yourself with on your desk which falls foul of the CDP will be shoved into the D-End….and then forgotten….and then binned. A quick survey of some of the D-Ends in our office contain a smorgasbord of random dreck such as spiral comb binders for presentation documents, a large salad bowl, procedure manuals from 2004, random cardboard boxes, discarded letter trays (without the risers) et al. It was here amongst this debris that I spotted REED HEALTH. Quite why it had come to be in the D-End is a unknown tragedy.
It showed signs of neglect and required a good valet with a few screen wipes. Worryingly it still contained some putrid liquid therein but due to my lack of any sort of Hazmat accreditation, I left the lid fully screwed on.
So, the Travel Mug makes it’s sophomore appearance, following Cuprinol Trade. Its deep, dark blue colour is emblazoned with a clean white logo. Simple and understated. Of course, we can can’t escape REED as their earthenware has previously permeated this blog before here & here.
What will become of the REED HEALTH travel mug? Will it be ever be restored to a serviceable drinking vessel?
Currently it’s sat on my desk and my COSHH training application has been submitted….

Reed Health


2 thoughts on “Rude Health

  1. […] Single entendres aside, it’s a beauty and on the practical side its size is much more bladder-friendly compared to it’s larger cousin the Travel Thermos, illustrated in our classic posts for Cuprinol & Reed Health […]


  2. […] Grail hat-trick for Reed. Battle-hardened veterans of this site will recall with misty eyes, their Health division’s travel mug and their sumptuous Marrow posing the question: “Are You Better Off […]


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