This Is Not Just Any Mug…

….It’s an M & S Mug.

27.  Marks & Spencer

A controversial entry here for M&S. It’s probably just nudging promotional as opposed to souvenir. Opinion within Spotters HQ concludes that around the time they were celebrating 125 years,
M & S ran a ‘Penny Bazaar’ event and this mug most likely would have been produced to advertise this.
The mug itself is a curious specimin. It’s breed occupies a space somewhere between Deco & Atlantic and of course we have the olde-worlde typography in a nice ‘Citeh’ Blue but it’s a small affair indeed.

Marks & Sparks

The mugs owner who kindly allowed us to photograph the vessel went on record to say it’s primary purpose in life was for measuring rice. (Not just M & S rice, but any rice.)
I think we’ve been here before on this blog!

One thought on “This Is Not Just Any Mug…

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