Another Fine NES

25. NES Recruitment

Dear Spotters there have been times recently when I thought this blog had run it’s course. “Welfare To Work” has been the lifeblood of the site for the past month or so. Despite  many desperate pleas for new muggage, there’s been nothing to share.

Until now……..

This sites co-founder was in Stretford’s YMCA  last week.
No Spotters, not the place where “It’s fun to stay or where you can get yourself cleaned, have a good meal, or do whatever you feel …”
No, Stretford YMCA Charity Shop.
Here he salvaged this precious, precious vessel for the princely sum of 30p.

NES Recruitment

Where do I start….
There are so many wonderful, unusual and intriguing features contained within this fine Berkshire China artefact.
The first point of note is it’s age. The phone number reads as 061 905 2727. ‘061’ prefixes were phased out in April 1995, making this mug at least 17 years old and therefore almost an antique!
Then there’s the design. It’s s a retro-Lincoln. The wonderful shots below highlight a Gold leaf effect on both its rim and handle.
The Logo is a dapper 3-D Jigsaw piece (why?) which is emblazoned on the front and rear elevations.

So what has become of NES? They’re still trading and possibly now owned by Reed Recruitment, who are no strangers to to Mugspotters. Today their web presence still retains a jigsaw logo, but reimagined for the 21st Century.

There we have it. A once in a lunchtime opportunist mug-spot.
Salvaged from the shelves of a Charity shop, given a new loving home and now immortalised on the World Wide Web.

What a way to bring up a quarter century of Mugspots!

The NES Gold Leaf Handle

NES Recruitment

Hark, the Gold Leaf rim!

The NES Logo as it looks today

2 thoughts on “Another Fine NES

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