Above Us Only Sky

22. Jet Service

Sparta Mugs are a bit like buses; you don’t see one for ages and then 2 come along all at once! Flying into Mugspotters in the slipstream of Sencia comes this, black-on-white receptacle that looks like it didn’t worry the print & design team too much. This is one Jet that is definately at home in Terminal 3! That aside, I am quite taken with the tiny flower-type emblem and can’t help thinking more could have been made of this lovely little design.
As for Jet Service, they’re actually nothing to do with planes but the name  has helped me pad this post out with weak aeromotive puns.
They’ve undergone a name change and “can help with information, advice and guidance for local people, to help them into appropriate training and job opportunities across the city (Liverpool) and beyond.
I hope Brendan Rogers is aware of this as 3/4 of his current Liverpool squad could do with some “Appropriate training“….

Jet Service

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