Work Is A Four-Letter Word

19. Reed In Partnership

Part 2 of our “Welfare to Work” Trilogy.

Whilst this intimate webspace was designed as a place to share Trade and niche Crossover earthenware we do like to provide, free of charge, some elements of social care and RIP’s ‘Marrow’ pulls no punches. We won’t pretend that we’re going to mend broken Britain overnight but in-between spotting mugs, if you’re not working and are bringing kids up on your own, you may just be better off working.  The freephone number’s on the mug. What’s stopping you?

Reed in Partnership

Bringing Up Kids On Your Own. We’ll Prove You Can Be Better Off Working

2 thoughts on “Work Is A Four-Letter Word

  1. […] we can can’t escape REED as their earthenware has previously permeated this blog before here & here. What will become of the REED HEALTH travel mug? Will it be ever be restored to a […]


  2. […] veterans of this site will recall with misty eyes, their Health division’s travel mug and their sumptuous Marrow posing the question: “Are You Better Off […]


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