2 Steps To Heaven

20. Step Closer 2 Work

First things first.
What in the name of all things ceramic is that?

We are now 20 posts in and nothing could have prepared us for this. A quick scour of the Internet’s darkest corners reveals nothing of it’s origin or lineage. It could easily double up as a vase.
I’ve canvassed opinion around Spotters HQ and we’ve decided a new Mug genre is born. We give you…The Flute. I’m not sexist but..if mugs had gender, this would be feminine.  Secondly, I just couldn’t see a bloke seriously sipping from this.  This mug was made for Girly Nights in with Hot Chocolate & marshmallows.
That said, it’s a thing of beauty. A true one off, the likes of which I dont’ think we’ll see again and it brings our ‘Welfare to Work’ trilogy to a shattering climax.

It would be rude not to mention SC2W who as well as giving us exotic earthenware, ” is an intensive support programme which enables people on disability benefits back to work.”

Step Closer 2 Work

Step Closer. Move your mug real closer…

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