If I Were A Carpenter….

.…..and you were my Mug.

17. Carpenters Solicitors

Nice referral here from Carpenters Solicitors.
The ‘Lincoln’ makes its long-awaited debut. From the same gene pool as the Sparta but thinner and sporting a more angular handle.
It’s a very understated piece but the printwork on the logo is gossamer fine and looks like it won’t stand too many rounds in the dishwasher. However curiosity is aroused on the rear elevation which features some sort of random Escher-esque ladder motif that I swear appears to have a different perspective each time you look at it.
It’s mesmerising. Don’t stare at it too long.

Look into my mug, look into my mug, the mug, the mug, not around the mug, don’t look around the mug, look into the mug, you’re under.

2 thoughts on “If I Were A Carpenter….

  1. Mugtastic says:

    I’m loving the derren brown esque psychedelic patterning on that specimen, rumour has it that there are more where that came from, I’m literally waiting on the edge of my seat here. SHOW US YOUR MUGS!


  2. […] Snapping back to reality though Randstad are yet another recruitment giant joining our Hall Of Fame. In truth, it’s a lovely mug in both both in terms of design & print.  It’s a slim-line Deco (quite rare these days), tri-colour on white.  Refined, sleek and elegant. The logo is understated in powder blue a la Carpenters. […]


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