This Is Art Dad!

15. Bury Art Gallery Museum + Archives

Spotters, as you know by now we are no strangers to controversy and aren’t afraid to rip up the rulebook when it comes to posting controversial earthenware.
As with Spillers, we may enrage the purists but I’ve decided this gorgeous vessel courtesy of BAGMA warrants inclusion. Balancing delicately on the line between Trade Mug & Souvenir, let me state my case for inclusion:
1. It’s looks. It’s a ‘Sheraton’. It’s a sleek & slender treat whose dainty handle is suprisingly grippable.
2. The Motif design. When I worked in Advertising (Ed: Shut Up!) I learned to appreciate a great typeface and this sans serif Aerial is the business. The look is reminiscent of Mark Farrow’s work for New Order & the Pet Shop Boys circa 1988-90 and Johnson-Panas’ various works for Factory Records of the same era. Even the cut out of the “B” in pale blue is pure understated brilliance.
3. The mouth of the mug is almost the same circumference as a round tea bag.
4. If you visit the Bury Art Gallery in person you can purchase a mug like this for just £1.00.
5. Err, that’s it.

The time for words is over.  Just gaze upon the beauty…..

Behold! The tea bag nestling in the Sheraton’s Mouth.

One thought on “This Is Art Dad!

  1. lissylou says:

    Keep going! WHOOO


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