Love Mugs. Hate Waste.

13. Recycling For Greater

Sitting there unloved (and unused) in the back of our kitchen cupboard comes this curio courtesy of RFGM.COM. We aren’t even sure if this mug is for drinking from however I’ve filled it with semi-skimmed just so you can read the printed message. And what a stark one it is:
1 Full mug of rice = 4 adults (300 ml)
It appears then that this mug’s primary purpose in life  is probably a crafty basmati measuring implement. So once the rice is in the pan & on the boil with your korma simmering away nicely, once rinsed, I see no reason for you not filling the mug with a satisfying cold beverage.
I seem to recall this being thrust at us in Bury Town Centre, along with an accompanying ‘Bag-for-life’ by some over-zealous promotions rep.

But seriously Spotters, the next time you finish your favourite curry and there’s a pile of rice, sitting there on the plate ready for the bin, please remember, people are starving in Bury.

If you been affected by any of the issues raised on this entry, please post a comment and we’ll reply in strictest confidence, alternatively if you live in the Manchester area, visit Chennai Dosa in Stretford for a variety of delicious Southern Indian ‘filled’ crepes, none of which need the benefit of rice, as they come served with sambar and dips.

More eagle-eyed Spotters will note this maverick mug design features in an earlier post: 4. Bury Girl Guides Anniversary

One thought on “Love Mugs. Hate Waste.

  1. […] It’s owner who kindly allowed us to photograph the item went on record to say it’s primary purpose in life was for measuring rice. (Not just M & S rice but any rice.) I think we’ve been here before on this blog! […]


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