Kings of the Wild West (Midlands)

7.  Jayline Ltd.

This is the Big One.
This Mug is the reason this site exists!

I was smitten at first sight. It’s hard to know just where to begin with this mug. It’s a blue on white Sparta but took a brave printer/creative director to use a typeface so synonymous with the Wild West for the logo. I think it’s a master stroke of design. ‘Playbill’s’ sleek verticals compliment the smooth horizontal (Jay) lines which adorn it’s girth, leaving the front and rear elevations for contact details and a description of Jayline’s ‘Raison d’etre’, which to remind you are:
Enamelling. Powder Coating. Cathodic Electro Coating.
If there are any youngsters out there viewing this site then this is text-book Trade Mug Perfection.
Could this be the ‘Mug Of The Site?. All I Know is it’s a Stone Cold Classic. Simple as. End of.

7 thoughts on “Kings of the Wild West (Midlands)

  1. Matty says:

    This is truly awe inspiring, life changing,

    10/10 – the daily mail


  2. MugspottersAnonymous says:

    That second shot is amazing, how was it taken? What was used? A camera or a phone, write back please, thankyou.


  3. mugspotters says:

    It’s interesting you should mention that. It was taken on an iphone by our in-house photographer. It’s skillfully shot. The brooding & foreboding Stretford ‘summer’ sky really lets the natural beauty of the mug shine. Thanks for your comments and please spread the word about our site!


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